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How does the IRS process your Truck Tax Form 2290?

Posted by Admin on 23. April 2012 21:01

            Have you ever wondered why the IRS has so many employees but takes so long to process and accept your  Truck Tax   Form 2290 . There are many factors that play into this. When the IRS receives your   (HVUT)  it is run through a system of checks. One of the first checks performed is to verify if the business name and EIN match. Recently the IRS has declared that everyone must file their truck tax with an EIN. This eliminates a step, now that they do not have to cross reference a SSN and EIN with a business name. The EIN will be linked directly to the business.

Once the EIN and business name match, the IRS checks the math done on the  IRS 2290 . The VIN number is cross referenced with the month first used.  This is done to make sure the VIN and its category included in the return for the tax period has not already been accepted by the IRS. Another reason this is done is to make sure that you are not driving the truck with the tax paid by someone else.  At this point returns are also reviewed for major fraud flags.

The last thing that is checked is the account information entered. If you choose direct debit or EFTPS this is done fairly rapidly. If you chose to mail in your payment it can take awhile. I recommend direct debit or EFTPS because the money is taken directly from your account. This can keep privacy intruders from getting a hold of your account information and committing identity fraud. Once this process has been completed you will receive your stamped  Schedule 1 .