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What do I do if my Vehicle is exempt from tax?

Posted by Admin on 3. June 2012 20:53

For many truck drivers filing there Form 2290 a major question that arises every year is “How do I file my 2290 return if my vehicle is exempt from tax?” First you need to understand what vehicles are exempt from the HVUT. There are only a few reasons your heavy highway vehicle will be exempt from tax. To be exempt from the tax, a highway motor vehicle must be used and actually operated by The Federal Government, The District of Columbia, A state or local government. Commercial vehicles traveling fewer than 5,000 miles and Agriculture vehicles traveling fewer than 7,500 miles annually are also exempt from the HVUT.

One common misunderstanding that stems from this question is that if your vehicle is exempt from tax you do not have to file a 2290 return. This is a common misconception regarding the form. All heavy highway vehicles must file a return, whether they are taxable or exempt. A carrier must send a copy of the IRS form 2290 showing their request for suspension from the HVUT payment with their registration renewal for vehicles that qualify for suspension.

When using the Etax2290 system you must file your vehicle under the suspended category to be exempt from tax. If you are a new or returning user you will login and go through the steps. On the vehicle information page there are four categories listed, you are going to list the vehicle under the one that reads suspended. The system will ask you for the VIN, if the vehicle was used for logging, or agricultural use. Once you enter the information save and continue; and finish the form. Make sure that is shows no tax due on the vehicle information page and the review page.

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