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CVSA Conducted Roadcheck 2014 To Check Hazmat For The Benefit Of Trucking Industry And General Public Including Environment On The Whole

Posted by Admin on 24. June 2014 20:16

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance – CVSA conducted North America road-check for the year 2014 like every year. The center of focus of the 72 hours long inspection done on June the 3rd, 4th and 5th 2014 was to check for hazardous materials hauling trucks (abbreviated as HAZMAT). The concerned law enforcement officials of CVSA paid close attention to the haulers of hazardous materials. This annual inspection by CVSA had a purpose to safeguard human health especially the truckers’ and the environment from the haulers of hazardous materials. As we may be aware that the hazardous materials can be defined as any material that is harmful, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics may pose a real hazard to human health and environment.

Most of the truckers may not know the consequences of transporting such hazardous materials mostly because of less awareness and business compulsions. Here-in CVSA law enforcement inspection of haulers of hazardous materials like flammable and combustible material, toxic material, corrosive material, oxidizers, aerosols, and compressed gases will educate and guide truckers during roadcheck 2014 for responsibly do the job as according to CVSA law for transporting hazardous materials in certain quantities as prescribed.

Separate federal and state directives cover some materials are considered as hazardous. They include mercury, asbestos, propellants, bulk fuels, ammunition, medical waste, and chemical, biological, and radiological materials. Afloat units turn in used or excess HAZMATS to Public Works Centers or other shore collection sites. The shore site then restores, recycles, or disposes of the used or excess hazardous materials. Therefore CVSA inspection prescribes certain quantities of hazardous materials for safe transportation through haulers and this will certainly help truckers, fleet-owners, and general public including the environment by protecting against health hazards and pollution.

Besides Hazmat as level 1 inspection duties, CVSA also conducted educational outreach to benefit the drivers about the importance of rail-road crossings and Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program as introduced by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA.

Now that CVSA inspection of the roads as roadcheck 2014 is over for this year, hope that truckers would have received the knowledge of required guidelines from CVSA officials for their fair and smooth operation of their transporting business. And what that is not over and remains pending are their form 2290 e-filing as they near the tax day July 1st 2014. Have the convenience of e-filing of your tax form 2290 returns through IRS tax partner and service provider

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